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The purpose of acoustic control is to limit noise pollution from external sources and from activities within the building.
The foundation of our working principle is a philosophy that embodies one unique statement. “From Concept to Completion”. Armed with this key objective and with our integrated expertise we are able to offer our clients a full spectrum of services in Acoustic Consulting all the way from generating initial ideas to the development of fully operational systems and demonstration of their capabilities.

From a broad perspective, our expertise in the field of Acoustic Consulting can be categorized in to three key disciplines. As it is these three disciplines themselves also cover a vast scope of sub-engineering categories, all of which is offered by Maple. The three key disciplines are as given below.

Building Acoustics

Maple can accurately assess requirements of Building Acoustics for a variety of applications, such as residential, commercial, sporting, entertainment, healthcare, educational, hospitality, houses of worship, industrial, transport and even production studios.

Our core capabilities in this discipline are as follows:

  • Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Impact Sound Insulation
  • Flanking Noise Control
  • Noise Intrusion Control
  • Basic Reverberation Control
  • Room Noise Control
  • Noise Emission Control
  • Building Services Noise and Vibration Control
Room Acoustics

Maple is equipped with sophisticated state of the art acoustic simulation software's that can precisely assess the room acoustic characteristics of special function rooms such as Multi-purpose Auditoriums, Cinema Halls, Concert Halls, Conference rooms, Ball rooms, Banquet Halls...etc.

Our core capabilities in this discipline are as follows:

  • Room Geometry
  • Audience Seating
  • Sightlines & Sound lines
  • Speech Intelligibility
  • Advanced Room Acoustics
  • Early Reflections
  • Clarity
  • Definition
  • Initial Time Delay Gap
  • Lateral Reflections
Noise & Vibration Assessments

Maple can provide a range of field assessment services to evaluate the acoustic performance characteristics within indoor or outdoor facilities. Below is an overview of our services for field measurements

Environmental Noise

  • Spot Checking for Noise Impacts
  • 24 Hour Background Noise Survey
  • Specific Source Noise Measurements
  • Vibration assessment.

Building Noise & Vibration

  • Sound Insulation Testing
  • Ambient Noise Levels Testing
  • Basic Room Reverberation Testing
  • Floor Vibration Testing


  • To review architectural drawing and provide acoustical design criteria, for all areas of concern, as per international standards.
  • Noise management – to identify noise sources and noise sensitive areas inside the facility and provide the apt locations.
  • Acoustical Partition wall / Door / Window design to achieve desired STC (Sound Transmission Class) – To isolate airborne noise from horizontal adjacencies.
  • Floor design to achieve desired IIC (Impact Insulation Class) – To isolate structure-borne noise from vertical adjacencies.
  • Façade / Window design to isolate external noise and maintain desired ambient noise level inside all areas of concern – air / rail / road traffic noise.
  • Ground borne vibration isolation design – overhead / underground railways
  • Design for wall and ceiling interfaces to achieve sound absorption and maintain desired RT (Reverberation Time) inside the room.
  • Vetting of HVAC / MEP design.
  • Guidelines for all critical mechanical equipment and same shall be incorporated in the M& E specifications documents or the interior specification document.
  • Review of Acoustical measurable before and after treatment of areas of concern.
  • To certify final completion of work at site.